Reasons Why I'm Single

For her senior film in college, Ashley took the realities of online dating from personal experiences and brought it to life in this fictional comedy.

Lipstick Struggles

Inspired by the everyday life of women, Ashley directed/produced/edited this video while interning at Refinery29.

Instagrammable Food

Combining her love for food & Instagram, Ashley directed and produced a video while interning at Refinery29.

Chatfish, ep. 410

While interning at MTV, Ashley filmed the backstage footage for Chatfish (Catfish: The TV Show's reunion special) that aired on MTV on May 6th, 2015.

Rock Around The Clock

While in high school, Ashley wrote and directed a music video for Bill Haley & The Comets' 'Rock Around The Clock'.

Collect My Love

Made for tea4tunes, Ashley was a camera operator for a video accompanied by The Knocks', "Collect My Love".

Be Mime

For an assignment in her video workshop class, Ashley wrote, directed, and filmed a mock-commercial for online dating exclusively for mimes.

Winter Storm Jonas

Stuck inside during the first storm of 2016, Ashley and her friends explained what it was like during Jonas.

Being Medicated

Ashley assisted with filming interviews for a documentary that focuses on the reality of needing medication.

iPhone Photography

Giving up her DSLR for a few months, Ashley focused on the trend of taking and editing photos with an iPhone.

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Ashley on set for MTV's 'Chatfish' in 2015.

Ashley's first year working for the Tribeca Film Festival in 2015.

Ashley directed & produced two videos while interning at Refinery29.

Ashley was given a pin by the Secret Service when Vice President Joe Biden came to Law & Order: SVU.

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